R A S H I N A L    N E W  Y O R K 


What is it about Rashinal that is unlike any other brand? Rashinal is not just a brand, Rashinal is an experience. When you go to your regular retail store and purchase an item, they put it in a bag and you’re out the door. When you purchase a Rashinal piece, every one will know that you have been taken care of. This is the experience Rashinal will leave with when you purchase our products. We want you to feel great about your shopping experience. Rashinal is not about selling a product; Rashinal is about the passion that is put into every piece. 

You will remember Rashinal by our signature trademarks that are represented in all of our garments. On our t-shirts and sweaters we carry our Rashinal trademark logo on the outside of the neckline. This same Rashinal logo is also on the back of all of hats.  As for our tops we also incorporate a star on our left sleeves. This star is also found on the left side of our hats. At Rashinal we believe that black and white is very elegant and classy, yet formal or sporty. Dress it up or down. Black is very powerful and bold, and white is very delicate and clean. Black and white also reminds us of New York. Very sharp, rouged and edgy. We are powerful, diverse but also full of simplicity.  New York is the capital of the world. Everyone wants a piece of our culture and our trendy styles. Rashinal adds that very New York culture and style to every single piece.


             " They say everything starts with a dream, We started with a Vision . . .  R A S H I N A L " 




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